Every year, approximately 5,820,000 children are admitted into the hospital. Being in the hospital as a child can be a terrifying thing. Children who go through this often come out with anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and, in extreme cases, PTSD. At least, children come out with a fear of doctors, which can affect their well-being in the future. As a survivor of pediatric open heart surgery, I have seen this effect firsthand. I came out with an anxiety disorder and a fear of doctors, which made it hard for me to seek medical treatment later in life. The biggest problem with pediatric patients is that they need a way to feel safe and strong in the hospital. My project’s goal is to do just that. Project SuperKid aims to create cape-like blankets that will allow the pediatric patient to feel like their favorite superhero: strong, and able to overcome any obstacle, including their illnesses.


Project SuperKid will help each child to face their Kryptonite.